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The Family in the Hole

Drama,Comedy,Horror  Germany 

The student, Chris, is eager to escape the stresses of city life and immerse himself in nature. However, upon arriving at the family's underground home, he begins to feel uneasy. The parents, Lawton and Martha, seem to be hiding something, and their son, Frankie, is unsettlingly silent.

As Chris settles in, he starts to notice strange occurrences around the house, including bizarre noises and unsettling behavior from the family members. He also begins to have disturbing dreams that seem to be connected to the family's past.

As the days pass, Chris begins to uncover the dark secrets that the family has been hiding. He discovers that Lawton and Martha are former cult members who have been hiding out in the forest for years, and that Frankie has been brainwashed to obey their every command.

As tensions rise, Chris realizes he must escape the bunker and get help before it's too late. However, the family will stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe and maintain their twisted way of life.

The Bunker is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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