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Eternal Dance of Waiting Love

Drama  Austria,Belgium,France 

The man and woman, John Marcher and May Bartram, meet at the club in 1979 and immediately feel a deep connection. They both have a sense that something momentous is about to happen in their lives, but they are unsure what it is. Over the years, they continue to meet at the club, forming a strong bond as they await the mysterious event.

As the years pass, the club changes with the times, from the vibrant disco era to the pulsing techno scene. John and May grow older, but their dedication to each other and their shared anticipation of the unknown event remains unwavering. Their relationship becomes a mixture of love, obsession, and frustration as they question whether they have missed the opportunity to experience the life-changing event they have been waiting for.

The movie explores themes of time, destiny, and the nature of human connections as John and May grapple with their shared anticipation and the impact it has on their lives. The story culminates in a powerful and unexpected climax that reveals the truth about the event they have been waiting for, and its profound effect on their relationship.

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