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The Deadly Motel Assignment.

Crime,Drama,Thriller  United States of America,Bahamas 

The criminal, known only as Jack, is tasked with retrieving a mysterious bag for his boss, Dragna. Jack is told to wait at the motel for further instructions, but things quickly go awry when he discovers that the bag contains a severed human hand. As Jack tries to make sense of the situation, he is pursued by various dangerous characters, including a vengeful hitman and a corrupt sheriff.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Rivka, who is staying at the motel with her dying husband, becomes entangled in Jack's dangerous game. As the tensions escalate and the body count rises, Jack must navigate a treacherous web of deception and betrayal in order to survive and complete his mission.

Throughout the film, Jack's true motives and alliances remain shrouded in mystery, ultimately leading to a surprising and twist-filled conclusion that reveals the true nature of the bag and the deadly consequences of crossing Dragna. The Bag Man is a tense and gritty crime thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.


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