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The Hunter's Deadly Pursuit: A Soldier's Revenge

Horror,Thriller  Australia 

The story follows Sergeant Ben Cross as he returns to his hometown in rural Australia to confront his past and seek closure on a traumatic event that happened during his time in the military. However, his plans are soon derailed when he encounters Vincent Malek, a sadistic and vengeful killer who forces Ben to participate in a deadly game of survival.

As Ben is hunted through the unforgiving wilderness, he must rely on his military training and resourcefulness to outwit his ruthless pursuer. Along the way, Ben uncovers dark secrets and hidden motives that challenge his perception of reality and push him to his limits.

Driven by a thirst for revenge and a desperate need to confront his own demons, Ben must confront his past in order to survive the twisted game he finds himself trapped in. The Backpacker is a tense and suspenseful thriller that delves into the depths of human nature and explores the lengths one will go to in order to seek justice and redemption.

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