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Comedy,Drama,Romance  United Kingdom  2023

Casts: James Dryden,Maggie O'Neill,Harry Trevaldwyn,Scott Welch,Tony Pitts

Sure! As Sue continues to navigate the dating scene, she becomes more intrigued by Ron, the mysterious biker she met at her brother's funeral. They start spending more time together, developing a deep connection and forming a romantic relationship.

However, Sue soon discovers that Ron has a teenage son named Anthony who is heavily involved in social media and dreams of fame and success. Despite Sue's initial reservations, she decides to embrace the unconventional family dynamic and support Anthony's aspirations with his dance troupe, 'Electric Destiny.'

Anthony is ambitious but lacks the natural talent needed to make his dreams come true. As Sue becomes more involved in Anthony's life, she realizes that the battle of wills between them goes beyond just his dance troupe. Sue and Anthony constantly clash over his delusional belief in his talent and the direction he wants to take the troupe.

Through a series of hilarious and heartwarming events, Sue embarks on a journey to bring this unconventional family closer together. She aims to find purpose and imagination within herself to guide Anthony towards a chance of happiness and fulfillment while also fostering a strong bond between all three of them.

While facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including skeptical friends and family members, Sue remains determined to support Anthony and his dreams, despite his lack of talent. Along the way, she discovers her own hidden strengths and learns valuable life lessons about love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family.

As Sue continues to navigate the complexities of her relationship with Ron and her evolving role as a stepmother figure, she finds herself torn between maintaining her own happiness and supporting Anthony's dreams. In the end, she must make a decision that will not only affect their little unconventional family but also redefine what happiness truly means for each of them.

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