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Comedy,Drama  Canada  2023

Casts: Rainbow Francks,Ordena Stephens,Tricia Black,Oscar Hsu,Charlie Gillespie

When Suze, a loving and dedicated mother, sends her daughter off to university, she expects to enjoy her newfound freedom as an empty nester. However, her plans drastically change when her daughter's heartbroken ex-boyfriend, Jake, shows up on her doorstep seeking solace.

At first, Suze is hesitant to let Jake into her life, not only because she can't stand him but also because she is unsure of how involved she should be in her daughter's relationship woes. Nevertheless, Suze's nurturing nature eventually takes over, and she reluctantly agrees to help him through his heartbreak.

As Suze spends time with Jake, she discovers that there is more to him than meets the eye. Despite their initial differences, they develop an unexpected bond, finding solace in their shared experiences as they navigate the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

During their journey together, Suze not only becomes a shoulder to lean on for Jake but also learns valuable lessons about herself and her own desires. She begins to question her own life choices, wondering if she has lost touch with her own dreams and aspirations amidst her role as a mother.

As Suze tries to balance her newfound friendship with Jake and her obligations as a mother, she discovers hidden truths, confronts her own fears, and learns to prioritize her own happiness. Through her journey with Jake, Suze realizes that she can still pursue her own dreams and rekindle passions she had set aside for too long.

Meanwhile, the relationship dynamics within Suze's family undergo significant changes. Her daughter, upon learning about Suze and Jake's bond, initially expresses anger and confusion. However, as time goes on, she begins to understand her mother's perspective and reevaluates her own choices.

In the end, Suze's journey with Jake comes to a crossroads. Will she continue to prioritize her own happiness and desires, or will she shelve her own needs to return to her role as a devoted mother? As the story unfolds, Suze confronts the challenges and triumphs of defining her own identity, navigating complicated relationships, and ultimately finding her own path to fulfillment.

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