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Drama,Crime  Sweden  2024

Casts: Pávva Pittja,Ida Persson Labba,Elin Kristina Oskal,Magnus Kuhmunen,Martin Wallström

Sure! Here are some additional plot details for the movie "Stolen":

The young woman, named Liina, belongs to the indigenous Sami community, known for their reindeer herding traditions. Liina resides in a remote village in the Arctic Circle, where the impact of climate change is becoming increasingly severe. As the temperature rises, the delicate balance of the ecosystem is disrupted, making it challenging for the reindeer to find food and survive.

Liina witnesses the devastating effects of climate change on her community's way of life as the reindeer herds dwindle and their traditional lands become increasingly inhospitable. With the changing climate, outsiders begin to invade their lands, further exacerbating the conflict between the Sami people and the encroaching settlers.

The xenophobic sentiments among the settlers increase, leading to discrimination and hostility towards the Sami people. Many Samis face racial profiling, hate crimes, and systemic marginalization. Liina, passionate about preserving her indigenous heritage and standing up against the rising xenophobia, becomes determined to fight for her community's rights and lead a broader movement for indigenous empowerment.

As she advocates for her people's rights, Liina faces numerous challenges and obstacles. She confronts both the local authorities, who are indifferent to the Sami's concerns, and the settlers who view their presence as a threat. Liina's journey is not only about defending her heritage from external threats but also dealing with the internal struggles within her community.

Moreover, Liina experiences immense heartbreak as she witnesses the growing despair among the youth facing a future full of uncertainty. Faced with limited opportunities, many young people in her community succumb to the hopelessness and choose to take their own lives. Liina becomes an advocate for mental health support, highlighting the effects of collective desperation on the community's youth and working towards providing them with appropriate resources.

Throughout the film, Liina's determination and resilience inspire her people to push back against discrimination and fight for their rights as indigenous inhabitants. She becomes a symbol of hope and unity, bridging the divide between the Sami community and the settlers, while also working towards combatting climate change and preserving their cultural heritage.

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