Where can I watch Splinters Movie

Hidden Secrets at the Sawmill

Drama  United States of America 

Sure! In the movie Splinters, Bo discovers a map hidden among his father's belongings that leads him to believe there is buried treasure located at a local sawmill. Desperate to help his struggling family, Bo decides to embark on a journey to find the money. Along the way, he enlists the help of his best friend and together they face various challenges and obstacles in their quest for the buried treasure.

Meanwhile, Bo's mother Anna finds solace in a new friendship with Bo's teacher, who provides her with emotional support during this difficult time. As Bo continues his search for the money, Anna grapples with her own inner struggles and begins to question her role as a mother and wife.

As the movie unfolds, Bo and Anna's paths converge in unexpected ways, leading to moments of self-discovery and emotional growth for both characters. Ultimately, Splinters explores themes of family, friendship, grief, and the importance of facing one's fears and insecurities in order to move forward.

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