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Desperate Depths of Sorrow

Drama  Philippines 

"Sisid Marino" is a Filipino drama film that revolves around the story of a married couple, Marino and Ada, who fall into a deep depression after the death of their child. The couple struggles to cope with their grief and the emotional strain takes a toll on their relationship. In an attempt to find solace and escape their pain, they turn to sex as a coping mechanism.

As they turn to each other for comfort, they also have to contend with the harsh reality of poverty. The couple faces financial struggles, which adds another layer of stress to their already strained relationship. Despite their attempts to find solace in their physical relationship, the burdens of poverty and grief continue to weigh heavily on them, leading to further strain on their marriage.

The film explores the complexities of grief, the impact of poverty on relationships, and the desperate measures people may take to cope with their pain. It delves into the psychological and emotional toll that the loss of a child can have on a couple, and the ways in which they try to navigate their way through the darkness. Ultimately, "Sisid Marino" is a poignant and heartfelt portrayal of the human experience and the lengths people will go to in order to find comfort and healing.

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