Sir! No Sir! Movie free online full

Voices Unsilenced: Soldiers Against the Vietnam War

Documentary,War  United States of America 

The film delves into the various ways in which soldiers and veterans protested the war, including refusing orders, organizing demonstrations within military bases, and even going AWOL or deserting. It also explores the role of GI coffeehouses, where soldiers could gather to discuss their opposition to the war and connect with the larger anti-war movement.

The documentary also highlights the experiences of Vietnam veterans who faced backlash and persecution for speaking out against the war, including being ostracized by their fellow soldiers, facing disciplinary action from their superiors, and even being sent to military prisons.

Sir! No Sir! sheds light on a lesser-known aspect of the Vietnam War era, showing that the anti-war movement was not limited to civilian activists, but also included a significant number of dissenting voices within the military itself. The film ultimately serves as a powerful testament to the courage and conviction of those who stood up against a war that they believed to be unjust.


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