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Drama  Japan  2023

Casts: Kentaro Sakaguchi,Mikako Ichikawa,Saito Asuka,Kodai Asaka,Isomura Ameri

As MIYAMA confronts the thoughts of KUSAKA, he begins to remember his past more clearly. It is revealed that MIYAMA was once a troubled and misunderstood teenager, struggling with his ability to sense the thoughts of others. This power overwhelmed him and caused him to isolate himself from others, including his friends and loved ones.

Riko, MIYAMA's ex-girlfriend, was one of the few people who understood and accepted him for who he was. However, their relationship was complicated and ultimately ended in heartbreak. MIYAMA, unable to deal with the emotional turbulence of their connection, fled their hometown and started a new life.

With the meeting of KUSAKA, MIYAMA is forced to face his unresolved feelings from the past. He realizes that he never truly moved on from his relationship with Riko and that he must confront his fears and insecurities to find peace.

As the story unfolds, MIYAMA reconnects with Riko and they both embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and forgiveness. Together, they confront their shared traumas and learn to accept their flaws and past mistakes. Through their renewed connection, MIYAMA finds strength and courage to use his unique ability to help others in need.

Throughout the movie, MIYAMA continues to heal and support the people around him, including KUSAKA and other individuals facing their own emotional and physical challenges. As he brings solace to those he encounters, he also learns valuable lessons about empathy, love, and the importance of human connection.

In the end, Side By Side explores the power of acceptance, reconciliation, and the ability to overcome one's past. MIYAMA's journey serves as a reminder that healing is possible, and sometimes, it is through facing our own demons that we can truly find peace and fulfillment.

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