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Romance  United States of America  2024

Casts: Colton Royce,Kristin Booth,Katherine Barrell,Tyler Hynes,Ray Galletti

As the car restoration show progresses, Jess and Luke find themselves at odds, constantly bickering and trying to outdo each other. Their past unresolved issues and memories resurface, making the competition even more heated.

Despite their animosity, Jess's talent as a mechanic shines through, impressing the show's host and gaining her a dedicated fanbase. The viewers, drawn to her authenticity and passion for cars, rally behind her. Meanwhile, Luke's flashy style and tendency to take shortcuts in his work begins to earn him a bad reputation among the audience.

Amidst the competition, Jess begins to question her reasons for participating in the show. Initially, she only agreed because of the opportunity to showcase her skills and prove herself in a male-dominated industry. However, as the pressures of the competition increase, she starts to lose sight of her original intention of simply enjoying her work.

During one episode, Luke's reckless decisions lead to a catastrophic accident, damaging a rare and precious vintage car. Jess, fueled by her commitment to her craft and the preservation of automotive history, chooses to put aside their differences and offers her help to repair the damaged vehicle. Together, they manage to salvage the car, demonstrating their combined skills and expertise.

As the show nears its finale, Jess and Luke finally have a heart-to-heart conversation about their past relationship. They realize that their competitiveness stemmed from their unresolved feelings for each other. Recognizing their shared passion for cars, they decide to put their personal differences aside and work together, pooling their expertise to create an incredible final project for the show.

In the end, Jess and Luke's collaboration not only surprises the show's judges but also ignites their romantic relationship once again. They rekindle their love and decide to join forces professionally, opening their own successful car restoration business. The movie ends with them happily working side by side, triumphing over the challenges they faced and cementing their future as both partners in life and in work.

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