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Unveiling Eva: Shifting Identities in a Digital World

Documentary  Germany 

Searching Eva is a documentary film that follows the life of Eva Collé, a young Italian woman who uses social media and the internet as a platform to explore and express her identity. The film delves into Eva's fragmented personalities and the way she navigates her relationships, sexuality, and mental health issues in the digital age.

As Eva shares her life online, she gains a following of fans and followers who become invested in her journey. Through her interactions with these virtual strangers, Eva grapples with the blurred lines between online and offline identities and the impact of living in a constantly connected world.

Throughout the film, Eva struggles with questions of authenticity, privacy, and self-exposure as she seeks to find meaning and purpose in her life. Searching Eva serves as a commentary on the changing nature of identity and self-expression in the digital era, as well as the ways in which social media can both empower and constrain individuals in their quest for self-discovery.


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