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Entangled in Wealth: A Surreal Nightmare

Drama,Thriller  United States of America 

In the movie Screwdriver, the story follows Jane, a recently divorced woman struggling to rebuild her life after her world has been shattered. Feeling lonely and vulnerable, she is taken in by a seemingly kind and wealthy couple, Michael and Sarah.

Initially, Jane is grateful for their support and the luxurious lifestyle they provide. However, as time passes, she begins to notice increasingly odd and disturbing behavior from the couple. The once warm and nurturing environment turns into a suffocating atmosphere filled with manipulation and deceit.

As Jane delves deeper into the couple's dark secrets, she starts experiencing strange occurrences in the house. Mysterious noises and objects moving by themselves heighten her sense of paranoia. She becomes convinced that Michael and Sarah have been intentionally gaslighting her, making her doubt her own sanity.

In her desperate quest for the truth, Jane discovers a hidden secret room in the house, uncovering a series of chilling events that took place before her arrival. The room contains evidence of past victims who suffered a similar fate, suggesting that Michael and Sarah are serial manipulators.

With her thoughts clouded, Jane is left questioning her own reality and who she can trust. Isolated and fearing for her life, she must gather her strength and uncover the truth behind the couple's sinister motives before she becomes their next victim.

The movie Screwdriver is a psychological thriller that takes the audience on a twisted journey through a woman's descent into madness amidst a web of manipulation, paranoia, and betrayal.

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