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Rescue Mission: Saving Shuli's Son from Captivity

Comedy  Israel 

Once in Colombia, Aviho, Bezalel, and Natty work together to track down Shuli's kidnappers. They navigate the dangerous streets of Bogotá, forging unlikely alliances with local informants and using their own street smarts to gather information.

As they dig deeper into the criminal underworld of Colombia, they uncover a web of corruption and deceit that reaches high levels of government. They become targets themselves as they get closer to rescuing Shuli.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including being captured and tortured by the kidnappers, Aviho and his friends never give up on their mission to save Shuli. With determination and courage, they risk their own lives to bring Shuli home safely.

Along the way, they also discover important truths about themselves and their own connections to each other, strengthening their bond as they fight for justice and freedom. Ultimately, they succeed in freeing Shuli and bringing him back to his family, bringing a sense of closure and redemption to everyone involved.

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