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Fashionable Santa: A Holiday Makeover

TV Movie,Comedy,Drama,Romance  Canada,United States of America 

Sure! In the movie, Madison faces a challenge when she proposes the idea of a young, fashionable Santa to her colleagues and they are initially skeptical. However, with her determination and creativity, she manages to persuade the store's marketing team to go along with her idea.

Madison starts the search for the perfect young Santa and comes across Max, a charming and stylish young man who fits the role perfectly. With his trendy wardrobe and modern approach to spreading holiday cheer, Max quickly becomes a hit with shoppers and the media.

As the holiday season unfolds, Madison and Max work together to bring a fresh and exciting atmosphere to the store, attracting new customers and bringing joy to all who visit. However, their success also draws the attention of a rival department store, who sees Max as a threat to their traditional Christmas image.

Amidst the competition and challenges, Madison and Max form a strong bond and learn valuable lessons about the true spirit of the holidays. Together, they prove that even Santa can have style and modern flair, while still embodying the magic and warmth of the season. The movie culminates in a heartwarming and festive finale, where Madison and Max's innovative approach to Christmas is celebrated and embraced by all.

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