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Ride of Death

Thriller,Horror  United States of America 

As the night progresses, the Uber driver, named Rina, realizes that her passenger, named Raffy, is not just a regular customer. Raffy reveals that he is a notorious killer who preys on vulnerable individuals like Rina, targeting them for his sadistic games.

Raffy forces Rina to participate in a series of increasingly violent and twisted road games, all while taunting and terrorizing her throughout the night. As Rina desperately tries to find a way to escape from Raffy's clutches, she realizes that her only chance at survival may be to outsmart him and turn the tables on her twisted captor.

As their deadly game of cat and mouse reaches its climax, Rina must use all of her wits and courage to outmaneuver Raffy and make it out alive. However, Raffy proves to be a formidable foe, and Rina must confront her own inner demons in order to survive the night and put an end to Raffy's reign of terror.

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