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The Legend of Ricky Stanicky: A Prank Gone Wrong

Comedy  Australia,United Kingdom,United States of America 

The trio of friends is made up of Peter, Fred, and Todd, who are all now married with families of their own. They have been using the Ricky Stanicky alibi for years to cover up their wild and reckless behavior, but their loved ones are starting to become suspicious and demand to meet him. In a panic, the friends decide to hire an actor, played by a raunchy celebrity impersonator, to portray the fictitious Ricky and convince their partners that he is real.

As the actor gets into character and begins interacting with the friends and their families, he starts to realize the extent of the lie and the impact it has had on their relationships. In the midst of the chaos and hilarity that ensues, the friends are forced to come to terms with their own immaturity and the effect it has had on their lives.

While attempting to maintain the facade of Ricky Stanicky, the friends ultimately learns valuable lessons about honesty, friendship, and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. The movie ultimately serves as a story of redemption and growth as the friends are forced to confront their past and make amends for the lies they've told.

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