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Horror  United Kingdom  2022

Casts: Gareth Bennett-Ryan,Jonathan Blazer,Elizabeth Booth,Rory Charles,Mel Cookson-Carter

Mark Smithson, a once acclaimed writer, finds himself grappling with a severe case of writer's block while attempting to write his second book. Struggling with the pressure to recreate the success of his previous work, Mark becomes increasingly frustrated and desperate for inspiration.

One day, Mark receives a call from a distant family member who informs him about a mysterious local landmark known as Ribblehead. Intrigued by the connection and hoping to find some reprieve from his stagnant creativity, Mark embarks on a journey to investigate the significance of Ribblehead.

Upon arriving at the site, Mark is immediately captivated by the ancient and enigmatic atmosphere that surrounds it. The sprawling landscape, entwined with folklore and secrets, seems to possess an inherent power that stirs something within Mark's imagination. As he delves deeper into exploring Ribblehead, the veil of his writer's block begins to lift, and Mark feels his creativity flowing once again.

However, Mark soon discovers that the inspiration he finds at Ribblehead comes with a sinister consequence. The more engrossed he becomes in investigating the landmark, the more he unravels a dark and malevolent force lurking within its depths. Mark's newfound creativity soon transforms into a terrifying obsession, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

As Mark descends further into this twisted realm of terrifying creativity, he becomes consumed by his work. His relationships, including his once strong marriage, begin to crumble under the weight of his obsession. Mark's wife, sensing his growing detachment, desperately tries to bring him back from the edge, fearing for his sanity and their future together.

Eventually, Mark realizes that the power of Ribblehead has taken control of him, turning his artistic drive into a nightmarish labyrinth. Determined to break free from its clutches, he must confront the darkness that has consumed his mind and fight to regain control over his sanity and his life.

Riddled with suspense, psychological horrors, and an exploration of the fine line between creativity and madness, Ribblehead delves into the terrifying consequences that arise when an artist becomes entangled in a world beyond their imagination. Mark's journey drives him to the brink of destruction as he fights against a force that threatens to obliterate not only his works but his very existence.

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