Watch Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story Movie Behind The Scenes

The Enigma of Chris McCandless

TV Movie,Documentary  United States of America 

The documentary follows Chris McCandless' journey into the Alaskan wilderness, highlighting his interactions with various people he meets along the way and the impact he has on their lives. Through interviews with those who knew him, including family members, friends, and people he encountered during his travels, viewers gain insight into McCandless' motivations, struggles, and ultimate fate.

The film delves into McCandless' complex relationship with his family, particularly his strained connection with his father, as well as his idealistic beliefs and desire for a simpler, more authentic way of life. It explores the impact of McCandless' actions on those he left behind and examines the enduring fascination with his story and legacy.

Through archival footage, photographs, and reenactments, viewers are taken on a visual journey through the rugged Alaskan wilderness, retracing McCandless' steps and experiencing the challenges he faced as he sought to live off the land. The film ultimately raises questions about the nature of freedom, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness, leaving audiences to ponder the mysteries of Chris McCandless' life and death.

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