Watch Rather Movie Review

The Rise and Redemption of Dan Rather

Documentary  United States of America 

RATHER, the movie, follows the life and career of Dan Rather, beginning with his early days as a journalist and his rise to becoming one of the most respected and recognized news anchors in the world. The film delves into his dedication to honesty and truth in reporting, and his unwavering commitment to delivering the news with integrity and courage.

The movie also addresses the controversial events that led to Rather's sudden downfall, including the scandal surrounding a report on President George W. Bush's military service and the subsequent fallout that ultimately led to his departure from CBS News.

However, the film also explores Rather's redemption and re-emergence as a respected voice in journalism, as he continues to speak out on important issues and serves as a mentor and inspiration to a new generation of journalists.

RATHER is a powerful and inspiring story of a man who faced adversity with grace and resilience, and who continues to be a force for truth and accountability in the world of journalism.

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