Raajneeti Movie Rating

Politics of Betrayal and Power

Thriller,Drama  India 

The plot of Raajneeti revolves around the political power struggle within a prominent Indian political family. The film begins with the sudden death of the family patriarch, which leads to intense infighting as various members of the family vie for control over the party and its resources.

The main protagonist, played by Ranbir Kapoor, is initially uninterested in politics but gets drawn into the family drama when he discovers the extent of corruption and deceit within the party. He must navigate the treacherous waters of political intrigue and betrayal, while also dealing with personal relationships and loyalties that are tested in the high stakes world of Indian politics.

As the election campaign heats up, the characters resort to all means necessary to secure victory, including bribery, violence, and manipulation. The film showcases the ruthless and cut-throat nature of political campaigns, where principles are often compromised for the sake of power.

The climax of the film sees a tragic turn of events that lead to a shocking revelation about the true nature of some characters, leaving the audience questioning the morality and ethics of those in power. Raajneeti ultimately explores the dark underbelly of Indian democracy and the corrupting influence of politics on individuals and relationships.

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