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Fading Light: A Tale of Broken Bonds

Comedy,Drama  N/A 

As Clark struggles with his family's dysfunction and his own feelings of isolation, he begins to form a bond with a rebellious classmate named Etta. Etta introduces Clark to the world of smoking and partying, providing him with an escape from his troubled home life.

As May's addiction worsens and Roger becomes more distant, Clark becomes increasingly disillusioned with his family and their privileged lifestyle. Feeling abandoned and alone, he makes the impulsive decision to leave home and live with Etta and her chaotic family.

Living with Etta's unpredictable and dysfunctional family only serves to further complicate Clark's life. As he navigates the challenges of living on his own and dealing with the consequences of his choices, Clark is forced to confront his own issues and take responsibility for his actions.

Through his experiences, Clark eventually comes to understand the importance of family and the impact of his decisions on those around him. Quitters is a thought-provoking drama that explores complex family dynamics, addiction, and the search for belonging and identity.


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