Free watch Prey for the Bride Movie online

Horror,Thriller  Canada  2024

Casts: Megan Peta Hill,Jacky Lai,Lina Lecompte,Marnie Mahannah,Getenesh Berhe

As the group of friends gather at a remote cabin for the bachelorette party, tensions run high as old rivalries and secrets begin to surface. The masked figure begins to pick them off one by one, using their personal fears and insecurities against them. It soon becomes clear that the killer is someone from their past, seeking revenge for a tragic event that they all played a part in.

As the friends struggle to survive and find a way to escape, they must confront the truth about what really happened all those years ago. The killer forces them to relive the horrifying events, pushing them to their breaking points both physically and emotionally.

As the body count rises, the friends must band together and fight back against their tormentor in a desperate bid for survival. But as they unravel the dark secrets of their past, they realize that the true evil may have been lurking closer to them than they ever could have imagined. Will they be able to face their demons and make it out alive, or will they fall prey to the bride's twisted vengeance?

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