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Action,Thriller  United States of America  2024

Casts: Dylan Flashner,Jeremy Tardy,Michaela Sasner,Godwin Asamoah Obeng,Mena Suvari

After a harrowing escape from the Christian missionary station in the Kalahari Desert, Mark and Sarah, a young couple devoted to spreading their faith, find themselves stranded in the vast and unforgiving wilderness. Their aircraft crashes amidst the dunes, leaving them with little chance of rescue.

As they navigate their surroundings, Mark and Sarah discover that they are not alone. The Kalahari is home to a variety of predators, including lions, hyenas, and deadly snakes. With limited supplies and facing the constant threat of being attacked, their survival skills are put to the ultimate test.

While fighting to stay alive, they stumble across a nearby village inhabited by a group of indigenous Bushmen. Initially wary, the couple realizes that these indigenous people could potentially help them. They form a fragile alliance with the Bushmen, who share their knowledge of the land and teach Mark and Sarah essential survival skills.

However, danger lurks not only in the form of wildlife but also from the extremist militant gang that forced them to flee in the first place. This group, driven by their radical beliefs, hunts down the couple relentlessly with the intention of silencing them permanently.

As Mark and Sarah try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, they learn to adapt to the harsh conditions of the desert, growing physically and emotionally stronger with every challenge they face. Guided by their unwavering faith, they must confront their deepest fears while drawing on their love for each other to endure the desperate struggle for survival.

Their journey becomes a metaphorical battle between good and evil, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of extreme adversity. Prey explores themes of faith, love, courage, and the indomitable nature of the human will as the young couple fights tooth and nail against both man and beast to find a way back to safety.

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