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Ensnared: The Seductress Strikes Again.

Thriller,Romance,Drama  United States of America 

In Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, the sinister seductress is a woman named Violet, who comes into the lives of a seemingly happy suburban family. She quickly befriends and seduces the father, while also manipulating and tormenting the rest of the family members.

Violet's ultimate goal is to destroy the family and take everything they have for herself. She plants seeds of doubt and jealousy in the relationships between the mother, daughter, and son, causing chaos and turmoil within the household.

As Violet's manipulations escalate, the family begins to unravel, with devastating consequences. In the end, the family must come together to confront Violet and put an end to her destructive ways before it's too late.

The movie explores themes of jealousy, manipulation, and the dark side of desire, as Violet's seductive charm proves to be a dangerous and destructive force.

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