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Unleashed: A Tale of Truth

Comedy,Fantasy,Drama,Animation  United States of America 

Out is a short film released by Disney and Pixar in 2020. The film follows the story of Greg, a man who has been keeping a secret from his family and friends. Greg is gay and has not yet found the courage to come out to his family. Despite being surrounded by their love and affection, he feels trapped by his secret and unable to truly be himself.

One day, while playing in the backyard with his dog, Jim, Greg suddenly finds himself magically transformed into a dog. With the help of Jim, who can now understand him, Greg sets out on a wild adventure that takes him through the streets and forests of his town.

As Greg navigates the challenges of being a dog, he also begins to come to terms with his true identity. Along the way, he meets other dogs who are also struggling to find their place in the world, and together they discover that being true to oneself is the key to finding happiness and acceptance.

In the end, Greg's experience as a dog gives him the strength and confidence to come out to his family. With their love and support, he finally feels free to be himself and live his life to the fullest. Out is a heartwarming and uplifting tale about accepting oneself and finding the courage to be true to who you are.


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