One-Percenter Movie online streaming websites

Deadly Showdown: Yakuza Martial Arts Turf War

Action  Japan 

One-Percenter follows the story of Ryu Sakamoto, a legendary action star known for his fast, samurai-style combat skills. After his unconventional approach to fight scenes sets filmmakers against him, Ryu decides to take matters into his own hands and film his own movie.

However, Ryu's ambitious project takes a dangerous turn when he chooses to film on the turf claimed by feuding yakuza gangs. As tensions rise between the rival groups, Ryu finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict, with Japan's deadliest martial arts assassin targeting him.

As the yakuza war escalates, Ryu must navigate through the treacherous underworld, all while trying to complete his film. Along the way, he forms unexpected alliances and showcases his martial arts prowess in real-life combat situations. With the stakes higher than ever, Ryu's journey becomes a thrilling and action-packed tale of survival, revenge, and redemption.

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