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Electric Arrival: A Laid-Back Los Angeles Intrigue

Drama  United States of America 

"Nobody Walks" follows the story of Martine, a young artist from New York who comes to Los Angeles to stay with a family friend, Peter, a successful Hollywood sound designer, and his wife, Julie, a therapist. Martine's presence causes tension and attraction within the household, particularly with Peter and Julie's teenage daughter, Kolt.

As Martine works on her art installation, she begins to form a close bond with Peter, who is drawn to her free-spirited and uninhibited nature. At the same time, Julie becomes increasingly paranoid and jealous of Martine's influence over her family, leading to a series of confrontations and power struggles between the women.

Meanwhile, Kolt develops a crush on Martine, which complicates her own burgeoning sexuality and identity. The interactions between Martine, Peter, Julie, and Kolt become increasingly complex and emotionally charged, as the characters navigate their desires and insecurities in a delicate balance of intimacy and betrayal.

Ultimately, the arrival of Martine forces each member of the household to confront their own fears and desires, leading to a climactic moment of truth that challenges the boundaries of love, loyalty, and self-discovery.


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