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Rage of the Vengeful Spirits: A Deadly Conflict Reborn

Horror,Thriller  Indonesia 

The movie follows the intense rivalry between the People's Youth and the Santri Group, two powerful and ruthless factions in a small town. The conflict escalates to a bloody war, leading to three nights of terror and chaos. As the violence reaches its peak, dark forces are unleashed, causing the night to be filled with malevolent spirits seeking revenge.

The story focuses on several characters caught in the middle of the conflict, including a young leader of the People's Youth who questions the brutal methods of his group, a member of the Santri Group torn between loyalty to his faction and his conscience, and a group of innocent civilians trying to survive the night of hell.

As the night progresses, the characters must confront their own inner demons while also facing the external threat of the vengeful spirits. The movie delves into themes of revenge, power, and the devastating consequences of unchecked violence.

Throughout the film, the tension and fear rise to a fever pitch, leading to a gripping and terrifying climax as the characters fight for their lives amidst the chaos and terror of the night of hell.

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