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Thriller  Saudi Arabia  2023

Casts: Adwa Bader,Yazeed Almajyul,Khalid Bin Shaddad,

"Naga" follows the story of a young woman named Naga (played by Adwa Bader), who discovers she has the ability to communicate with snakes and control them with her mind. After being ostracized by her community because of her unusual gift, Naga sets out on a journey to find others like her and discover the true extent of her powers.

Along the way, she meets a charming and adventurous young man named Saleh (played by Yazeed Almajyul) who offers to help her on her quest. Together, they encounter a powerful and malevolent sorcerer named Al-Djawhar (played by Khalid Bin Shaddad) who seeks to harness Naga's abilities for his own dark purposes.

As Naga and Saleh navigate treacherous obstacles and face off against formidable enemies, they must rely on each other and their newfound allies to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Will Naga be able to unlock the full potential of her powers and save both herself and those she cares about from Al-Djawhar's sinister plans?

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