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Flying High with Double Trouble

TV Movie,Thriller  United States of America 

- As Brooke juggles her relationships with Stefan and Dane, she starts to struggle with the guilt of deceiving both men. She starts to question her choices and wonder if the money is worth the pain she is causing.

- Eliza, Dane's daughter, becomes increasingly suspicious of Brooke's intentions and begins to investigate her past. She starts to uncover inconsistencies in Brooke's stories and begins to piece together the truth about her mother's death, which she believes Brooke may have had a hand in.

- As tensions rise between Brooke, Eliza, and Stefan, their plan to fleece Dane is put in jeopardy. Stefan begins to doubt Brooke's loyalty and Eliza becomes more determined to expose the truth. Brooke must navigate the growing threats from both sides while trying to keep her secrets hidden.

- In a dramatic final showdown, Brooke's two worlds collide as she is forced to confront the consequences of her actions. As the truth is finally revealed, Brooke must face the fallout of her deceit and reckon with the choices she has made.

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