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Dolls in Transition: City vs. Countryside

Drama  Italy 

The story of My Paper Dolls follows two teenage girls, Sarah and Lily, who are best friends living in a small, rural town. Sarah is on the cusp of adolescence, dealing with the changes and challenges that come with puberty, while Lily yearns for adventure and excitement outside of their small town.

As the girls navigate the complexities of growing up, they are introduced to the world of urban life when a group of trendy city girls move to their town. Sarah is intrigued by their sophistication and trendy style, while Lily is drawn to their confident and carefree attitudes.

The city girls introduce Sarah and Lily to the world of fashion and social media, completely transforming their lives and opening up a whole new world of possibilities. However, as they become more immersed in this new world, Sarah and Lily begin to drift apart, each being pulled in different directions by their newfound interests and friendships.

As the girls try to navigate these new relationships and experiences, they must ultimately decide what is truly important to them and what kind of people they want to become. My Paper Dolls explores the universal themes of friendship, identity, and the challenges of growing up in a rapidly changing world.

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