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Obsession in the New Apartment

Thriller,TV Movie  United States of America 

Lydia, played by Caroline Harris, is excited to start fresh in her new apartment after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend. However, she soon finds herself the target of her apartment manager Drew's obsessive behavior. Ignacyo Matynia portrays Drew, who becomes increasingly intrusive and controlling, making Lydia feel more and more isolated and unsafe in her own home.

As Drew's behavior escalates, Lydia becomes desperate to find a way out of her nightmare situation. She seeks help from her friend Spencer, played by Spencer Belko, but struggles to convince others of the severity of the situation. Sinéad D'arcy plays a supportive neighbor who also becomes a target of Drew's erratic behavior.

As the tension reaches a boiling point, Lydia's attempts to escape Drew's grip become increasingly dangerous. She must find a way to outsmart her nightmare landlord and regain control of her own life before it's too late. The movie delves into themes of domestic abuse, gaslighting, and the struggle to be taken seriously when facing a dangerous situation.

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