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Journey to Marigaoka Cape: A Friend's Final Wish

Drama  Japan 

As Shiino travels to Marigaoka Cape with Mariko's urn, she reflects on their friendship and the struggles Mariko faced in her life. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Mariko had been dealing with severe depression and had been contemplating suicide for a long time. Shiino blames herself for not recognizing the signs and being able to help her friend.

As Shiino makes her way to Marigaoka Cape, she encounters various people who had been a part of Mariko's life, including her ex-boyfriend and a former teacher. Through these interactions, Shiino learns more about Mariko's struggles and the impact she had on those around her.

Upon reaching Marigaoka Cape, Shiino finally understands why Mariko had always wanted to go there. The beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere provide a sense of closure for Shiino as she scatters Mariko's ashes into the ocean, saying goodbye to her friend.

Through the journey, Shiino comes to terms with Mariko's death and finds a sense of healing and closure. She also finds the strength to confront her own feelings of guilt and sadness, ultimately learning to cherish the memories of her friend and move forward with her life.

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