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Drama,History,Comedy  Brazil  2023

Casts: Yuri Marçal,Serjão Loroza,Augusto Madeira,Cacau Protásio,Ailton Graça

Mussum, O Filmis is a biographical movie that depicts the remarkable life of Antônio Carlos Bernardes Gomes, better known as Mussum, who rose to fame as a member of the Brazilian comedy group Trapalhões.

The film begins by portraying Mussum's impoverished childhood in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. It highlights his determination to overcome adversity through his passion for music. Mussum's exceptional talent for playing the pandeiro (a type of tambourine) catches the attention of renowned samba group Originais do Samba, leading to his inclusion as a member.

Simultaneously, Mussum's journey in the military is explored. Despite facing discrimination and racism, he becomes a respected military officer. However, Mussum's longing for a career in music intensifies, prompting him to leave the military to pursue his true passion.

The movie delves into Mussum's involvement with the iconic Mangueira samba school, known for its rich musical tradition and as a gathering place for African-Brazilian culture. Mussum's collaboration with Mangueira further solidifies his reputation as a skilled musician and contributes to his musical career's success.

Moreover, Mussum's story intertwines with his experiences as a member of Trapalhões, one of Brazil's most beloved comedy groups. The film delves into the behind-the-scenes dynamics, showing the strong bond and friendship among the Trapalhões members: Didi, Dedé, Zacarias, and Mussum. It also highlights their creative process, the challenges they faced, and their immense popularity among Brazilian audiences.

Throughout the movie, Mussum's charismatic personality, quick wit, and infectious laughter are showcased, displaying his unique comedic talent. The film captures his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a national comedy icon.

Mussum, O Filmis aims to celebrate the legacy of Mussum, encapsulating his musical contribution, his groundbreaking comedic style, and his ability to overcome challenges, putting a spotlight on his inspiring life story.

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