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A Neighbor's Deadly Secret: Murder on Maple Drive

Drama,Crime,TV Movie  Canada,United States of America 

The couple, Lisa and Matt, are initially thrilled with their new home on Maple Drive, despite the tragic history. They are eager to make a fresh start and become part of the upscale community. They quickly befriend their next-door neighbor, Karen, who seems friendly and eager to welcome them to the neighborhood.

However, as strange occurrences begin to happen in their new home, such as unexplained noises and objects moving on their own, Lisa and Matt start to feel uneasy. They also learn more about the murder/suicide that took place in their home, and they begin to suspect that Karen may have been involved. Their suspicions grow stronger when they find evidence that Karen has a connection to the previous owners.

As they dig deeper into Karen's background, they uncover disturbing truths about her past and her potential motives for wanting to befriend them. They realize that she is capable of violence and manipulation, and they fear for their safety.

The couple must then navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Karen, all while trying to prove her involvement in the murders before it's too late. The tension builds as they uncover more about Karen's dark past and her plans for them. The stakes are high as they race against time to protect themselves and uncover the truth about the murders on Maple Drive.

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