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Nightmares Unleashed: A Deadly Escape

Drama,Horror  N/A 

The movie Murder Manual consists of several interconnected short horror-thriller segments that follow different characters and storylines.

In the segment about Malu, she is held captive by a twisted circus where she is forced to perform against her will. Her husband eventually manages to break into the circus and rescue her, leading to a thrilling escape attempt.

The segment titled "The Silent" focuses on a young girl who is tormented by nightmares that start to blur with reality. As she tries to make sense of her surroundings, she realizes that her nightmares may be more connected to her waking life than she originally thought.

The segment featuring a gay couple's romantic getaway in Palm Springs takes a dark turn when they become the targets of a mysterious killer. As they fight for survival, they must navigate the treacherous landscape of their relationship in the face of danger.

Lastly, the segment about a young woman's rideshare turning deadly explores the dangers of trusting strangers in a modern society. As she realizes that her driver may have sinister intentions, she must find a way to escape before it's too late.

Overall, Murder Manual weaves together these chilling and intense stories to create a gripping anthology of horror and suspense.

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