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Horror,Comedy  United States of America  2024

Casts: Austin Naulty,Carter Simoneaux,Dylan McGovern,Jenna-Francis Duvic,Heather Campos

As the movie "Murdaritaville" unfolds, the trop-rock fanatics, gathered from different parts of the country, eagerly board their respective flights en route to the impersonator contest held in the sunny coastal town of Margaritaville. Each fan is uniquely passionate about the tropical genre and shares a profound admiration for Jimmy Buffet, the legendary trop-rock artist.

On their arrival, the group is welcomed by the vibrant atmosphere of Margaritaville's annual festival. The town is adorned with cheerful decorations, live trop-rock bands playing every corner, and people donning colorful Hawaiian shirts and leis. The contestants, dressed in their best Jimmy Buffet impersonator outfits, feel energized and excited for the competition ahead.

Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious parrot man in a tasteful floral shirt is silently observing their every move. With a keen eye and a crafty demeanor, he skillfully infiltrates their gatherings, blending in with the festivities. The parrot man has an unsettling ability to mimic the parrot calls perfectly, leaving people in awe of his uncanny parrot mimicry.

As the impersonator contest begins, the parrot man's unsettling presence becomes more pronounced. One by one, the trop-rock fanatics mysteriously vanish in a series of bizarre incidents. At first, it appears as mere accidents, coincidences, or someone getting lost in the festival's craziness. However, suspicions arise when the parrot man is found near the scene of each disappearance, wearing a chillingly confident smile.

The remaining trop-rock fanatics, now consumed by paranoia, join forces to unravel the mystery behind the parrot man's deadly actions. United by their love for Jimmy Buffet's music, they search for clues, interrogate festival attendees, and dig into the dark past of Margaritaville, uncovering a forgotten tale of revenge and deception.

Through their investigation, it is revealed that the parrot man was once a devoted trop-rock fan himself—an aspiring impersonator named Frankie "Feathers" Butler. But his dream crumbled when a famous impersonator sabotaged his chances of success, leaving him bitter and vengeful. Over time, Frankie developed an unrelenting obsession with paradise birds, particularly parrots, and mastered the art of their mimicry.

Frankie's plan was simple: eliminate all the impersonators and claim the title for himself, finally becoming the ultimate Jimmy Buffet impersonator. But the remaining fanatics, friendships forged and trust regained, persistently pursue Frankie, determined to stop his murderous rampage and prevent him from tarnishing the trop-rock community they hold dear.

Amidst a thrilling chase through the colorful streets of Margaritaville, the group, utilizing their unique trop-rock knowledge and skills, manages to outsmart Frankie. In the climactic ending, they corner him atop an oceanfront stage, where a grand finale impersonator performance was about to take place.

As the ocean breeze carries the sounds of trop-rock across the stage, the remaining trop-rock fanatics successfully expose Frankie's true intentions to the crowd. Defeated and disheartened, Frankie finally removes his parrot disguise, revealing himself as an ordinary man driven to madness.

Ultimately, "Murdaritaville" triumphs in sending a message about the power of friendship, resilience, and the unifying force of trop-rock music. The trop-rock fanatics, standing tall, enjoy the grand finale performance together, forever bonding over their shared passion and cherishing the memories of their fallen friends.

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