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Jurassic Expedition: The Ancient Creature Unleashed

Horror  United States of America 

"Monster: The Prehistoric Project" follows a group of young adventurers who stumble upon a mysterious cave in the remote desert. Inside, they discover a time portal that transports them back to the prehistoric era, where they encounter a world filled with dangerous creatures and primitive humans.

As they struggle to survive in this unfamiliar and hostile environment, the group must band together and use their wits and skills to find a way back to their own time. Along the way, they face countless challenges and dangers, including fierce predators and rival tribes.

With tensions rising and resources running low, the group must navigate the prehistoric landscape and fight for their very survival. Will they be able to find a way home before it's too late, or will they become just another footnote in history?

Starring Mark Justice, J. Lyle, Joe Ricci, Lisa Palenica, and Tarah McDaniel, "Monster: The Prehistoric Project" is a thrilling adventure film that blends science fiction, action, and suspense in a gripping narrative that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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