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Rising Star: A Mother's Betrayal

Thriller,Crime,TV Movie  Canada 

As Olivia's social media following grows, so does the attention from her mom's boyfriend, Mark. Mark begins to manipulate Olivia, pushing her to take on more provocative roles and photoshoots in order to increase her fame. Olivia becomes torn between impressing Mark and staying true to herself.

Meanwhile, Olivia's relationship with her estranged father becomes strained as he disapproves of her newfound social media career. He warns Olivia about the dangers of the online world and encourages her to focus on her studies instead.

As Olivia delves deeper into the world of social media, she starts to notice strange occurrences around her. She receives threatening messages from anonymous accounts and begins to suspect that someone is stalking her.

When Olivia's best friend goes missing, Olivia's world is turned upside down. She realizes that her rise to social media stardom has put her and her loved ones in grave danger. With the help of her father, Olivia must uncover the truth behind the mysterious events before it's too late.

As Olivia digs deeper, she uncovers a dark web of lies, deception, and betrayal. She learns that Mark has been using her to further his own twisted agenda, and that he will stop at nothing to keep his secrets hidden.

In a heart-pounding climax, Olivia must confront the truth about her mother's boyfriend and fight for her own survival. Will she be able to escape the clutches of a dangerous predator, or will she become another victim of the dark side of social media fame?


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