Miss Fortune

Drama,Comedy  South Korea 

Ji-hye and Ju-young's plan to seduce the son of the wealthy art broker family goes smoothly at first, as they manage to gain access to the family's secret mansion and earn the trust of the family members. However, as they continue their con, they begin to encounter unexpected challenges and obstacles. They struggle to navigate the complex family dynamics and the elaborate security measures put in place to protect the golden treasure.

As they delve deeper into the family's world, Ji-hye and Ju-young start to question their motives and the impact of their actions on the innocent people involved. They also face moral dilemmas and internal conflicts as they are torn between their desire for the treasure and their longing for a new, honest life.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Ji-hye and Ju-young form unexpected alliances and confront their own vulnerabilities. They discover that the real treasure may not be the golden riches they seek, but the opportunity to redeem themselves and start anew. As the stakes continue to rise, they must make difficult choices that will determine their fate and the future they hope to build.

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