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Monstrous Discoveries: Embracing the Fowl Truth Within

Comedy,Drama  Denmark,Germany 

The two brothers, Elias and Gabriel, are social misfits who have spent their whole lives living together in a rundown apartment. After their father passes away, they discover a videotape revealing that they were adopted. In search of their biological roots, they track down their three half-brothers who live on a remote island and invite themselves to stay with them.

Upon arriving at the island, they are met with hostility and strange behavior from their new relatives, who all seem to have animalistic tendencies. As the brothers begin to unravel the dark secrets of their family, they uncover a history of genetic experimentation and deformities that have plagued their bloodline for generations.

Throughout their journey of self-discovery, the brothers must confront their own flaws and embrace their true identities in order to find acceptance and form genuine connections with their newfound family. As they come to terms with their past and present circumstances, they must navigate the complexities of family dynamics and find a sense of belonging in a world that seems to reject them.


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