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Whispers of the Water Deity: Clash of Faith

Drama,Fantasy,Thriller  France,Nigeria,United Kingdom 

As tensions escalate in Iyi, Efe struggles to maintain her role as the respected spiritual leader of the village. Zinwe, feeling stifled by her mother's strict adherence to tradition, begins to question her own beliefs and starts to form a bond with Jasper, who challenges the status quo.

Prisca, torn between her loyalty to Mama Efe and her growing doubts about Mami Wata's power, finds herself caught in the middle of the brewing conflict. As the villagers become increasingly divided, Efe must navigate the delicate balance between tradition and progress, all while trying to find a way to heal the community and bring peace back to Iyi.

As the mystery surrounding Jasper deepens and the true nature of his intentions are revealed, Efe, Zinwe, and Prisca must confront their own beliefs and confront the dark secrets that have been hidden within the village for generations. In the end, they must come together to face a powerful enemy that threatens not only their way of life, but the very existence of Iyi itself.

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