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The Flavors of Grindavik: A Tale of Lobster Soup

Documentary  Lithuania,Iceland,Spain 

As the days pass, Krilli's wife becomes more and more discontent with life in the small town and longs to return to Rejkyavik. This strains their marriage and causes tension in the café. Alli, Krilli's brother, tries to keep the peace and maintain the sense of community in the café.

One day, a group of tourists arrives at the café and one of them, a young woman named Anna, becomes enamored with the simplicity and authenticity of the place. She strikes up a friendship with Krilli and becomes a regular at the café, much to the chagrin of Krilli's wife.

Meanwhile, the old fishermen, the last boxer in Iceland, and the translator of Don Quixote continue to debate and find solutions to the world's problems. The monthly gatherings to remember those who died in Grindavik become a way for the community to come together and support each other.

As tensions rise between Krilli and his wife, and Anna becomes more involved in the café's daily life, the four crazy musicians who play jazz become a source of inspiration and joy for the townspeople. Their music brings everyone together and helps to heal the rifts that have formed.

In the end, the sense of community and connection in the café prevails, and Krilli's wife comes to appreciate the beauty of small town life. The café becomes a symbol of resilience, friendship, and hope in the face of adversity.


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