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Whispers in the Mist

Thriller,TV Movie  Canada 

As the photographer, Sarah, continues to investigate the mysterious message, she discovers that the man living in the old house has a dark and violent past. She becomes increasingly convinced that he may be holding someone captive in his home.

Sarah's investigations lead her to make contact with the girl in the window, a young woman named Emily who has been kept prisoner by the man for years. Emily pleads with Sarah to help her escape, but Sarah soon realizes that she may be in over her head as she becomes entangled in the dangerous web of the man's secrets.

As Sarah races against time to save Emily and uncover the truth about the man's past, she must navigate a treacherous world where nothing is as it seems. With danger lurking around every corner, Sarah must rely on her wit and courage to outsmart the man and free the girl in the window before it's too late.

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