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Mortal Descent: Ordinary people turned killers.

Horror  United States of America 

Part 1 - "The Dark Pact":
"The Dark Pact" follows the story of Emily, a struggling artist who finds herself in desperate need of financial stability. While browsing a local antique store, she stumbles upon a mysterious, ancient artifact — a small, intricately carved wooden box. Unbeknownst to her, the box contains a dark secret: a malevolent spirit that grants immense power to the possessor at a terrible cost.

As Emily becomes possessed by the spirit, her artistic abilities skyrocket, ushering her newfound fame and fortune. However, the spirit demands regular sacrifices to maintain its influence over her. Haunted by guilt, Emily finds herself forced to take lives to appease the spirit within the wooden box she once cherished. Terrified and morally conflicted, she embarks on a journey to break free from the spirit's grasp before her transformation into a full-fledged murderer is complete.

Part 2 - "The Deadly Obsession":
"The Deadly Obsession" revolves around Michael, a timid bookstore employee with an obsessive personality. One day, he stumbles upon an old, worn-out journal in the bookstore's basement, detailing the horrific crimes committed by a serial killer. Fascinated by the twisted mind of the murderer, Michael becomes dangerously fixated on the idea of committing the perfect crime himself.

As his obsession intensifies, Michael meticulously plans and executes a series of murders, meticulously mimicking the killer described in the journal. However, his actions soon catch the attention of both law enforcement and a curious journalist named Sarah, who begins to suspect Michael's connection to the long-dead serial killer. As they play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Michael's journey further into the realm of murder takes a toll on his sanity, blurring the lines between fascination and his own transformation into a true killer.

Part 3 - "The Sinister Inheritance":
"The Sinister Inheritance" tells the story of John, an introverted librarian who lives a solitary existence in an old, secluded mansion. Following the sudden death of his distant and estranged uncle, John inherits the sprawling estate. As he begins to unravel the secrets hidden within the mansion, he discovers a hidden chamber filled with diaries cataloging his family's dark history.

These diaries reveal a horrifying lineage of killers, with each successive generation driven to murder by an ancestral curse. Faced with the realization that he may also carry this murderous bloodline, John battles against the growing darkness inside him. As he digs deeper into the family history, John uncovers a shocking truth — the curse can only be broken by sacrificing the life of an innocent. With the weight of his ancestors' sins on his shoulders, John must decide between embracing his heritage and becoming a monster or finding a way to break the curse without shedding innocent blood.

As "Killer Tales" weaves these three interconnected narratives together, the movie explores the delicate moral lines that ordinary people can cross when pushed to their limits, uncovering the dark potential that lies within us all.

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