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Mystery,TV Movie  United States of America  2024

Casts: Chloe Paige Flowers,Jonathan Stoddard,Sarah Murphree,Jon Briddell,Caina Summer Field

Shane, a skeptic businessman in his early thirties, leads a mundane and routine-oriented life. One day, out of sheer curiosity, he decides to visit a local Tarot card reader for some entertainment. The fortune teller, who goes by the name of Madame Mystique, predicts a chance meeting for Shane that will change his life.

Intrigued by her prediction, Shane starts to reconsider his beliefs and becomes fascinated by the concept of fate. He becomes deeply curious about the possibilities that lie ahead, not only in his love life but also in his business endeavors. Consumed by the desire to explore the realms of destiny, he seeks further advice from Madame Mystique.

As Shane delves deeper into the world of fortune telling, he starts attending workshops, reading books, and even consulting different fortune tellers to unravel his destiny. Through his various encounters, he meets a charming and enigmatic woman named Lily. Convinced that she is the chance meeting Madame Mystique had predicted, Shane becomes infatuated with Lily and believes that she is his destiny.

While his love life is blossoming with Lily, Shane becomes increasingly discontented with his business. Seeking guidance from another fortune teller, Mr. Zephyr, Shane is warned about an impending disaster that could ruin his career. Fueled by fear and desperation, Shane embarks on a frantic journey to prevent his business from crumbling.

As the story unfolds, Shane's belief in fate is tested. He grapples with the idea of taking control of his own life versus surrendering to the whims of destiny. With every twist and turn, he questions the accuracy of the fortune tellers' predictions and wonders if he is being manipulated into making certain choices.

In a climactic turn of events, Shane discovers a shocking truth about Madame Mystique and her associates. He realizes that his entire journey into the world of fortune telling was orchestrated to serve their ulterior motives. Feeling betrayed and deceived, Shane confronts Madame Mystique and vows to expose her fraudulent practices.

The movie culminates with Shane realizing that true happiness and fulfillment lie in his own hands, rather than in the predictions of a fortune teller. With newfound wisdom, he makes amends with Lily and learns to trust his own instincts, paving his own path toward love and success.

Killer Fortune Teller ultimately challenges the audience's belief in fate and encourages them to reflect on the power of self-determination.

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