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Keoma's Vengeful Return: Breaking the Town's Grip

Action,Western  Italy 

As Keoma sets out to rid the town of Caldwell and his gang, he is faced with numerous challenges and obstacles. Despite being outnumbered and facing constant danger, Keoma continues to fight for justice and redemption.

Throughout the film, Keoma is haunted by memories of his past, including his complicated relationship with his father and his own heritage as a half-breed. These internal struggles add depth to Keoma's character and provide insight into his motivations.

As Keoma's quest for justice intensifies, he forms an unlikely alliance with a group of outcasts and rebels who are also seeking to overthrow Caldwell's tyrannical rule. Together, they unite in a final showdown against Caldwell and his brothers, leading to a dramatic and action-packed climax.

Ultimately, Keoma must confront his own inner demons and make difficult choices in order to protect his family and reclaim his town. Through his journey of self-discovery and redemption, Keoma emerges as a hero who is willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good.


  • Late in the spaghetti western cycle, 1976's Keoma (later released in the U.S. in 1978) took a much different approach than many of its...
  • Half-breed Keoma returns to his border hometown after service in the Civil War and finds it under the control of Caldwell, an ex-Confederate raider,...

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