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Boldly Chasing the Elusive Dream: Just My Type

Romance,TV Movie  N/A 

When Vanessa first arrives in Martin Clayborne's town, she is determined to uncover the secrets and mysteries surrounding the reclusive author. As she delves deeper into his world, she starts to question her own desires and ambitions.

Throughout the course of her interviews and interactions with Martin, Vanessa begins to see that she has been putting her own dreams on hold in pursuit of her career. She starts to reevaluate her priorities and consider what truly makes her happy.

As Vanessa returns home to Portland, she is surprised to receive a mysterious gift from Martin. This unexpected gesture prompts her to make a bold decision and take a chance on following her own dreams.

With newfound determination and courage, Vanessa starts to pursue her own writing career and rekindle a romance that had been put on hold. She learns to listen to her own advice and live the life she has always imagined.

Overall, Just My Type is a heartwarming story of self-discovery, following your passion, and finding love in unexpected places.


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